Trenton Train Station
Trenton Train Station
Trenton, New Jersey

NJ Transit
One Penn Plaza East
Newark, NJ 07105-2246
Mr. Richard Mack
Senior Contract Specialist

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DiGeronimo PC developed an opportunity to lead Trenton into the 21st Century using the NJ Transit’s planned renovation of its Trenton Rail Station as the vehicle. As it stands now, Trenton is an amalgamation of the old with the new, colonial and contemporary structures standing side by side, sometimes blending, in other situations conflicting, but never offering a statement regarding Trenton’s future as a center of government in the 21st Century.

DiGeronimo PC perceived a willingness on the part of NJ Transit to entertain new idea. So we proceeded with our thoughts, encompassed in the vision of SPANNING THE FTURE, but we did not stop there for we realize all may not be possible. We took a mental flight back to the 1890’s and developed a scheme suitable to reflect that period. We took similar looks at the 1920’s, a contemporary version, and a small departure to the present scheme.

In all, we submitted five design schemes with the same intent – to provide NJ Transit with a vehicle to make a statement, however large, however modest, however it chooses, for the future.

These designs were submitted for a proposal.