The Children’s Club
The Children’s Club
Secaucus, New Jersey

Charles and Basil Gucciardo

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Crayons have been a favorite of children for generations. DiGeronimo PC gave the coloring pieces a new meaning as the theme for The Children’s Club, a children’s clothing store at Mill Creek Mall in Secaucus, New Jersey.

When brothers Charles and Basil Gucciardo decided to open their clothing store, they sought a concept design that was different yet could be duplicated in other sections of the country. DiGeronimo PC met this challenge, creating an unusual design theme through the use of more than 130 oversized crayons and paper doll cutouts. DiGeronimo PC developed a motif that put the crayons to use as signage at the front of the store and in rows suspended down the center from a multi level ceiling, providing a central focus leading into the shop.

The paper doll cutouts, boys and girls holding hands, represent the theme of friendship and band the crayons as well as the continuous light soffit. The rows of crayons provide an aisle of color that are accented on the floor with its grey carpeting and flecks of primary and secondary colors – this is the only color in the store that has been designed with a neutral background.

Since the clothing is the main feature of the store, the DiGeronimo PC design used direct and indirect lighting with color corrected bulbs to present the clothes in their true color. It also helps to highlight the detail and fine quality of the clothing.