Pfizer Corporate Headquarters
Pfizer Corporate Headquarters
New York

Pfizer Inc.
42nd Street
New York, NY

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DiGeronimo Architects was hired to provide interior design services to enhance the corporate identity of twenty-five divisions at Pfizer’s corporate headquarters in New York City. The Vice President for each division is responsible for establishing the group’s identity. DiGeronimo provided interior design services and recommendations for furniture, fixtures and finishes.

International Division

DiGeronimo Architects chose Federal period furniture for Pfizer International’s waiting areas and hallways to complement its image of solidity and old world elegance. Custom artwork included a chrome representation of the group’s corporate symbol. A globe and antique world maps complete the décor.
In the boardroom, a custom designed artwork piece opens to display the projection screen, chalkboard and tack board. Lighting design for the space includes several different levels of light intensity to suit the rooms various functions.

Public Relations Division

The Public Relations group has an image that is contemporary and upbeat. DiGeronimo Architects chose furniture designed by top contemporary designers with display areas that showcase the group’s awards, achievements and medals. They outfitted the conference room for multiple uses, with projection screens, display boards and state of the art video equipment.

Nineteenth Floor

This floor features a “sky” corridor used to transfer elevator banks. DiGeronimo Architects developed a southwestern theme for this for this high-traffic area, selecting low-maintenance finishes for vinyl flooring and wall coverings. DiGeronimo designed an original, sand-textured graphic piece and chose clay glazed pottery and cactus plants enliven the space.