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Those families who have children living in the coastal communities affected by recent storms in the NY and NJ area are all too familiar with how everyday life can change quickly. The impacts of the severe weather does not discriminate its targets,  and many school systems have been forced to consider the needs of resiliency.

Year in and year out, we can see the increasing damage these major storm systems bring. During these times of calamities, schools and other institutional facilities can serve as evacuation centers, but sadly, some of them also get washed out during these severe storms. Under these circumstances, it only seems fitting that a new design implemented —directed to adapt and withstand severe weather and flooding— under a reasonable budget and short construction period.

For the DiGeronimo team an urgency was called to design several NYC schools to get back in the business of education after Storm Sandy. As Prime Architectural Consultant, DiGeronimo PC provided architectural planning and design to propose actionable solutions for buffering against storms. As such, a comprehensive assessment and scope report were completed, construction documents prepared, and additional construction period services for this capital improvement project were incorporated.

DiGeronimo designed a solution which allowed three NYC schools the ability to preserve affixed boilers and electrical systems, that were allowed to remain in place in their respective basements, but the team created a ‘submarine’ out of the mechanical room complete with a thalassic submarine style door.  Additionally, basement windows and vents were eliminated and piping intakes raised above the flood line.  The only way flood water can enter the facility is through the front door.  To fix that, DiGeronimo specified a specially manufactured Dutch dam-flood door and designed a special seating/fitting for the door.  The door seals tight and water intrusion prevented.

Resilient athletic flooring was installed in many areas, new smoke detectors, emergency exit lighting of the spaces was supported via wall mounted battery pack type fixtures.

These are some of the simple design techniques that provide solid resilience in the educational community.