New Jersey Transit Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility
New Jersey Transit Bus Maintenance and Operations Facility
Oradell, New Jersey

New Jersey Transit
One Penn Plaza East
Newark, New Jersey 07105
Mr. Clavel Crump
(now with Amtrak)

Project Info

Frederick R. Harris

DiGeronimo PC

Project Cost

DiGeronimo PC completed architectural designs through contract document phase for the renovation of the existing bus maintenance and operations facility.

The New Jersey Transit Oradell Maintenance and Operations Facility is responsible for maintaining 200 suburban coaches that are primarily used on express routes to and from New York City. The facility was originally constructed in the early 1960s and has failed to keep up with advances in bus technology. New Jersey Transit, therefore, determined that the facility required a complete rehabilitation, but due to the nature of its operations, the facility had to remain operational throughout the construction process.

DiGeronimo PC was retained as architect for the design team charged with architectural design and preparation of construction documents for the rehabilitation project. DiGeronimo PC’s responsibility in the process is Design Architect. Major design issues included a small site bounded on two sides by a river prone to flooding, by a railroad with extensive right-of-way requirements, and by the local utility company.

DiGeronimo PC successfully designed renovations to increase bus movement efficiency and provide for covered bus storage for pre-heated buses in cold weather. The design included employee parking on top of the building to maximize site use at the ground level. This way the design successfully increased bus movement while maintaining the existing building wall parameters. The roof of the existing structure is raised eight feet to accommodate bus maintenance on lifts. This accommodates efficient component parts repair thereby minimizing bus off-road time.