Irvington Center
Irvington Center
Township of Irvington, New Jersey

Hazelton Consortium LLC
1181 Clinton Avenue
Irvington,NJ 07111

Project Info

Construction Completion:


Architect of Record:
DiGeronimo PC


Master Planner:
DiGeronimo PC

Project Cost

DiGeronimo PC’s design will create a high-rise commercial and residential center, giving downtown Irvington a focus for revitalization. Sited near major highways and adjacent to an existing bus station, Irvington Center is poised to and act as a regional catalyst for urban redevelopment.

With 200 hotel rooms, 228,000 square feet of retail space and a mix of office and residential units, with parking and open spaces, the mixed-use project is set to stimulate neighborhood renewal.

The project consists of the following building mix:
Description / Square Footage

  • Apartments 160,000
  • Retail 228,000
  • Offices/Hotel 184,000
  • Parking 150,000
  • Atrium 30,000
  • Total 762,000