Hoboken Main Post Office – Frank Sinatra
Hoboken Main Post Office – Frank Sinatra
Hoboken, New Jersey

U.S. Postal Services
NY Facilities Service Office
2 Hudson Place – 5th Floor
Hoboken, NJ 07030-5502
Mr. Tom Carrato

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Nationally Designated the Frank Sinatra Post Office

DiGeronimo PC was retained by the U.S. Postal Service for design and construction services for the complete replacement/upgrade of the HVAC system for the Hoboken Main Post Office. Because the Post Office is a historic building – Work Progress Administration (WPA) Building, Era 1930’s – all work was done in the context of historic preservation of the existing building.

An important factor in designing and constructing this project was the need for minimal impact on the operations of the Post Office – “neither rain nor snow!” Because the HVAC system was completely upgraded including the replacement of the equipment, a trailer was set up on-site to house a temporary system to keep Postal Service operations in tact.

In keeping with the U.S. Postal Service Green Building Program, the HVAC upgrade resulted in a more energy efficient facility. The system included computerized temperature sensing controls and cycling of outside air. Thus, energy is saved in two ways: (1) the system is automatically adjusted in response to the presence of people in the effected area and (2) energy is saved by cycling cool air into a warm building from outside (or warm air into a cool building from outside) rather than cooling (or heating) the air that is in the building.

In addition to mechanical/electrical and architectural design, there was a large structural design component to this project. To maintain the historical integrity of the building, new equipment was placed in the attic and in the basement so that no equipment shows from the exterior of the building. Installation of very large equipment components in the attic required a hole to be cut in the roof and the subsequent repair of the roof.

Likewise, the placement of all duct work and air distribution components was integrated into the existing historical architecture of the lobby.

DiGeronimo PC prepared contract documents, assisted the U.S. Postal Service in selection of a contractor, and provided construction services. Construction services included: on-site surveillance of construction activities; contract administration and coordination; clarification of contract documents; directing the contractor to correct or remove defective work or work not in compliance with plans and specifications; soliciting and reviewing cost proposals and plans and specifications for proposed contract modifications and subsequent recommendations to the U.S. Postal Service; review of contractor’s schedule and cost progress; and review and approval of operations and maintenance manuals.

DiGeronimo PC routinely incorporates Sustainable Design into our renovation projects for the US Postal Service as part of the USPS Green Buildings Program. For the Hoboken Main Pose Office, DiGeronimo PC designed a complete upgrade of the existing HVAC system incorporating two important energy conservation features. The upgraded system included computerized temperature sensing controls and cycling of outside air. Thus saving energy in two ways: first, the system automatically adjusts to the presence of people in the room; and second, interior temperature control occurs with air recirculation mixed with substantial fresh air intake.

DiGeronimo PC successfully completed this project, designing an energy saving, upgraded HVAC system integrated into the existing historic building and phasing construction so that postal service was not interrupted.