Historic Family Housing Quarters West Point, New York
Historic Family Housing Quarters West Point, New York
West Point, New York

GMH Military Housing

Point of Contact:
John Cullinane Assoc., Architects, and
Preservation Planners

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As architectural subconsultant, DiGeronimo PC documented existing conditions for 275 units of the Historic Family Housing Quarters at West Point, built to house military personnel. The earliest residences date back to the 1850s; others were built between 1900 and the 1940s. Units include a mix of housing types, from single-family houses to duplex, triplex, 4-plex and 5-plexes and 2-family apartment buildings.

Surveys followed the methodology developed by the

  • Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties
  • National Parks Service Guidelines for Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration and Reconstruction of Historic Buildings.

Surveys focused on identifying the contributing historic elements, building materials, form and conditions. Work included:

  • Photographic documentation of the site and landscaping details
  • Photographic and graphic documentation of each residence highlighting Historic details, building materials, form and condition
  • Notation of damage to building details, elements, and structural and mechanical system deficiencies
  • Written assessments of exterior and interior building conditions
  • Verification of each building’s dimensions and re-calculation of each building’s areas
  • Cataloguing photos and assessments

These surveys will be used to identify each unique historic house and those with standardized designs to develop recommended treatments established in the Standards and to meet current building code requirements.