Harley Davidson of Bergen County
Harley Davidson of Bergen County
Rochelle Park, New Jersey

Harley Davidson of Bergen County
15 Overlook Avenue
Rochelle Park, NJ 07452
Phil & Liz DiGennaro

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40th Annual New Good Neighbor Award, Presented by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, 2000.

When Harley Davidson of Bergen County expanded from its original location, the owners elected to renovate an existing abandoned industrial building in Rochelle Park, NJ. Because DiGeronimo Architects had successfully completed renovation and repair work on the original facility, the owners retained them for this renovation project.

Located between two commercial office properties, the building was vacant prior to the renovation. DiGeronimo’s design transformed the former industrial building into an attractive retail facility, enhancing the surrounding commercial district. The renovated building’s facade is postmodern in style, reminiscent of the 1950’s – an era often associated with the Harley Davidson image. Large arched windows create an open, airy look on the building’s corner, illuminating whole street at night.

In addition to the retail showroom and supporting administrative space, the new facility includes meeting accommodations are available to the community at no expense. Harley Davidson provided these meeting facilities, as they host fairs, shows, and other activities throughout the year, with a particularly full program from spring through fall. These events are advertised throughout the community and are open to the public. Located on the second floor of the building, these meeting spaces have a separate entrance, a commercial kitchen, and men’s and women’s restrooms.