Green Valley Planned Community Development
Green Valley Planned Community Development
Fairlawn, New Jersey

The Development Company
Fairlawn, New Jersey

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Green Valley is a Planned Unit Development for 375 cluster townhouses, 100 rental apartments, and 125 terrace townhouses.  The development includes common areas, undisturbed open natural areas, parking and road belts.  A commercial cluster is comprised of a community building, club house, tennis courts, commercial offices, professional offices, and additional associated parking.

Green Valley is planned to provide a housing environment consistent with the preservation and enhancement of the community.  DiGeronimo PC designed the development in the context of economic, social, community, and environmental factors in order to promote the sound growth and general welfare of a community as a whole.

Economic considerations included evaluation of taxes, operating expenses, reserve, occupancy, interest rates, and capital investments against anticipated cash revenues and municipal costs.  Analyses included projections of municipal impacts, evaluation of population trends, and consideration of trends in housing construction activity.

DiGeronimo PC placed community facilities such as schools, shopping centers and recreation areas in considered relationships.  Utilities and pavement layouts were designed in smaller more efficient networks to minimize environmental impact.

Green Valley fulfills the basic requirements for housing supply while offering opportunities to increase community assets such as swimming, tennis, community meetings and other group activities.  The site layout was designed to minimize maintenance chores while leaving a maximum area of open space for picnicking, hiking, and bicycle riding in an undisturbed environment.

Green Valley provides the privacy, convenience, and safety of a planned development and still offers the homeowner a variety of styles and clusterings.

Most importantly, Green Valley was designed to provide a livable community based on the concept that the house and its immediate environment can enhance the quality of life.