Grand Central Terminal Multi-Phase Project
  • Grand Central Panorama

Grand Central Terminal Multi-Phase Project
New York, New York

Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA)
Metro-North Railroad

Mr. Chester Yee
Former Director of Office of
Construction Oversight for MTA

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Presidential Design Award, administered jointly by the U.S. General Services Administration and the National Endowment for the Arts, 2000.

DiGeronimo PC completed several assignments for the Grand Central Terminal Multi-Phase Project as a sub consultant on an Indefinite Delivery Contract with Metro-North.

Assignments included a constructability analysis as part of the economic analysis for the North End Access Plan, a major factor in updating Grand Central Terminal. This phase of the project will increase access from the north and east by relocating the shops that now clutter the interior, by expanding the existing corridors, and by adding a greenhouse-like arcade on the Lexington Avenue side. North End Access would cleanse the terminal of inappropriate commercial accretions and make it not just a better transportation hub, but a destination in its own right.

The most dramatic element of the North End Access Plan is fulfillment of part of the original 1913 plan – a grand staircase at the east end of the concourse, mirroring the one on the Vanderbilt Avenue side.

DiGeronimo PC also completed the construction oversight report on nine construction contracts, some in construction while some under design. DiGeronimo PC analyzed the interface among these contracts to eliminate conflicting uses for common space and recommended construction efficiencies by removal of construction preparation and public protection duplications.

Another assignment handled by DiGeronimo PC was the historic restoration design reviews for Metro-North on contract documents for the historic restoration of Grand Central Terminal. DiGeronimo PC completed the 30%, 60% and 100% reviews, commenting on historic restorative adequacy of methods specified as well as regulation compliance with New York City Landmarks Commission.

Additionally, DiGeronimo PC provided construction conflict coordination services for miscellaneous projects including various electrical utility installations, transformer replacement, feeder replacement, maintenance shop restorations, track repairs and welfare facility relocation.

DiGeronimo PC is proud to have been a key player contributing the full range of architectural services in the renovation of New York City’s historic Grand Central Station.