Bethany Baptist Church Design Proposal
Bethany Baptist Church Design Proposal
Syracuse, New York

Bethany Baptist Church
Syracuse, New York

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The design centers the congregation concentration on the pulpit area. From the pulpit, the reverend and presenters to have eye contact with each and every member of the congregation.

The tent shape of the church design provides marvelous acoustical diffusion. The church interior will be convex on the inside, reminiscent of the tents of biblical times.

The architectural design naturally balances the acoustics. Music must resonate. Sermons must be audible. The DiGeronimo PA design balances hard surfaces and soft surfaces. Soft surfaces are on the face and underside of the balcony. A carpet will have padding. Tapestries will be hung from the walls, providing changing beauty as well as excellent acoustical qualities. The raised pulpit will be carpeted. The DiGeronimo PA design creates a good mix of materials; some that reflect sound and some that absorb sound. We take such care of the acoustics at the new Bethany Baptist Church because we want the choir songs to be just right and the sermons of the Reverend to be heard clearly.

The church building itself is an eight-sided building, an octagon. The octagon shape throughout history is considered a pure shape since all eight sides are even. During the Renaissance there was a continual search for perfection in an ideal geometric form. Such pure shapes were considered to be, by their intellectual purity, reflective of the purity of God. Number eight is a biblical symbolic number. The number eight is symbolic in Holy Baptism, because eight persons were saved in Noah’s Ark. Baptismal Founts are normally octagonal in shape. The number eight also symbolizes regeneration, because Christ rose from the tomb on the eighth day after he entered into Jerusalem.