Bergen Community College Fitness/Wellness Center
Bergen Community College Fitness/Wellness Center
New York, NY

Bergen Community College
Fitness/Wellness Center

Project Info

18,000 Square Feet Aprox.




DiGeronimo PC
DiGeronimo PC
Weidlinger Associates, Inc.
M/E/P: Shenoy Engineering
CEC Inc.
Lapatka Associates



Project Cost
$3,000,000.00 Aprox.

DiGeronimo Architects design creates an open life enhancing educational experience. No more isolation, no more total introspection. With only the small addition of DiGeronimo design, Bergen Community College Fitness / Wellness ‘Commons’ has a new refreshing openness about it. It reaches out as a significant icon that will now serve to draw in the student body of young adults and mature learners, teachers and staff, welcoming them in an open

Simultaneously, the DiGeronimo design also reverses the focus of building occupants participating in fitness / wellness programs to an outward experience. This reflection of focus generates feelings inclusion, oneness,
and equitable participation within the greater campus community beyond the Fitness / Wellness Commons.

Interim Academic Vice President Dr. Bonnie MacDougall encourages approaches that inspire students to broaden their perspectives and to think beyond the curriculum.

Bergen Community College is committed to serving the needs of the ‘whole’ student under the staunch conviction that each individual’s physical and mental health is essential to academic achievement and personal growth. The Fitness / Wellness ‘Commons’ licensed staff will enjoy the fact that the new DiGeronimo architectural design statement reinforces the ‘here to help’ atmosphere they engender.

The DiGeronimo design is a glass cube that interacts and connects the building users with the casual observer and the passersby enabling, enticing, and assisting all students achieve health and wellness goals. The new addition will encourage students to make lifestyle choices that help them achieve optimal physical emotional and behavioral well-being by drawing them in, by enticing them to participate.