Bergen Arts & Science Charter School
Bergen Arts & Science Charter School
Garfield, New Jersey

Bergen Arts &b Science Charter Schools
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The new Bergen Arts & Science Charter middle school is an excellent platform for students to enter the mid-band of learning in step with an exciting new performance level to achieve and continue their
Architecture is the art of a student’s surroundings grounded solidly in the sciences, and while a building is akin to art, the dynamic lies in that people must occupy the spaces within.

The new school building will showcase the DiGeronimo Design through its technology ubiquitously as natural light filters into the core. The lobby will encompass a spacious area displaying three dimensional student models, robots and more. Beyond the lobby, curved walls shall define the perimeter of the cafeteria which offers a ring corridor for the second floor.

Each corner of the school building will highlight significant learning aspects. There are strategically placed labs for art, science, music, and technology.  Classrooms form communities not only on two sides of the building’s core,  but also to its rear, and up onto the second level.

A full sports size gymnasium with large changing rooms will have access from within the school. It also is sectioned off from the main school building to serve as a sole focal point for activities for evening attendance, with its own separate entrance directly from the outside to the community / sports event
The new school design has a full component of adjunct spaces and like a studious learner each is doing more than is required. Classrooms remain as teacher offices. The library doubles as a gathering room for meetings and teacher to teacher conferences, seminars, and training sessions, the gymnasium is
adjacent to the Music lab for easy use as a performance space.

And still there is space on the both sides of the second floor for roof gardens, green roofs, or, to achieve a ‘net-zero’ school by incorporation solar collectors or photovoltaic technology to harness the sun’s energy.

There is adequate parking for teachers and administrators and yet still there is room for a newly created grass area in front of the building for outdoor exercise and recreation.