90 Church Street Building Façade Restoration
90 Church Street Building Façade Restoration
New York, NY

General Services Administration (building owner)
US Postal Service (tenant)

Graciano Corporation
3 Overhill Road
Verona, NJ 07044
Thomas Corbo

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Structure Tone, Inc.

90 Church Street LP,
a Boston Properties Affiliate

Graciano Corporation

DiGeronimo PC

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DiGeronimo Architects provided Architectural Conservator services to Graciano Corporation to restore the limestone west facade damaged from 9-11 on the Federal Office Building and Post Office at 90 Church Street. Completed in 1935, the building was designed by Cross & Cross.

The former Federal Office Building at 90 Church Street, just north of the World Trade Center site, sustained considerable damage on September 11, 2001. Airplane wreckage punctured its roof, more than 800 windows were broken, and interiors were subject to fire. The first four floors had been occupied by the United States Postal Service.

Built in 1935, this Federalist-style, 15-story building is listed in the National Historic Register. As is typical with Federalist architecture, it features distinctive limestone construction, granite base; decorative stonework eagles perched atop upper floor cornices, and articulated vertical cast aluminum spandrels and stars.

DiGeronimo Architects is an established preservationist / conservator. We have successful and demonstrated experience in providing on site consultation and performance review of means and methods for restoring buildings designated as landmarks by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (NYCLPC). DiGeronimo PC has specific skills and successful experience in working with the types of restoration and cleaning required for this particular project. DiGeronimo PC provided on-site technical opinions for the restoration of this building, prior to and during construction.

As Architectural Conservator, we provide hands-on observation, analysis, monitoring and inspections for:

  • Dismantling, numbering and marking of façade elements that are scheduled to be removed and re-installed
  • All removal, building and rebuilding of face brick, stone, and architectural terra cotta wall construction and all restoration and conservation measures for these elements
  • Composite patching and pinning of stone
  • Replacement of damaged stone units
  • All cleaning of face brick, tile, stone, architectural terra cotta and terrazzo
  • All metal restoration and cleaning
  • Repointing of all masonry

As Architectural Conservator, DiGeronimo PC’s job is to work constructively with the Construction Contractor and the Design Professional to ensure high quality preservation and restoration work, in compliance with Federal, State, and local Historic Preservation Standards.