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What are people and companies doing to get resilience?

Resilience is the capacity to spring back and recover quickly from a flood or natural disaster and return to your home, school, or office with total operation and functionality, such as lights, heat and those everyday appliances and utilities functional, free of damage to your living/working spaces from that event.

In the last few years, several devastating storms have demonstrated the dramatic impacts that rising sea levels and storm surges can have on construction including, residential, industrial and commercial buildings. A building that may be resilient to storm damage is not necessarily able to stay fully operational and functional throughout the storm and its overwhelming aftermath.

Corporate Resiliency

The tasks of designing and managing buildings that are resilient to storm water present several challenges. Traditionally, mechanical, electrical and plumbing/fire protection (MEP/FP) services enter a building via below-grade service rooms. This makes efficient use of less-valuable basement and garage space while also enabling services to tie directly into underground utility connections. Unfortunately as a result of these connections many of these services become more vulnerable to flooding.

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 School Resiliency –NYC SCA

Those families who have children living in the coastal communities affected by recent storms in the NY and NJ area are all too familiar with how everyday life can change quickly. The impacts of the severe weather does not discriminate its targets,  and many school systems have been forced to consider the needs of resiliency.

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Residential Resiliency – DDC NYC Build It Back Program

DiGeronimo Completes First Home Elevation for the NY Build It Back Program

DiGeronimo PC created the innovative architectural design for the very 1st home elevation in the NY Build It Back program. The architectural design adjusts the home position from its previous lower grade level to a higher design elevation.  This elevated design eliminates future flood water intrusion into the home living area. Any future storm water or flooding will come and recede in an open area under the house.

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