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Facilities Management for Schools

Facilities cost.

The boiler breaks on the coldest day of the school year.  Children are sent home; parents inconvenienced.  Staff are given half day off.  School administrators are pulled away from routine tasks.  It’s necessary to find a contractor willing to work NOW.  And once identified, that can be a part that must ship overnight.

The school is operating at the highest most costly maintenance mode.

Emergencies happen, we can never eliminate all of them.  Still, we can reduce the frequency of their occurrence.  We can bring facilities into a solid state of good repair under a reasonable routine of slow and steady preventative maintenance.

But doesn’t that cost money?  My schools don’t have the funds for anything not strictly tied to education.

DiGeronimo focuses on reducing the cost of facilities through cost avoidance.  So yes, it still takes money to get a building into a state of good repair.  But emergency maintenance costs too.  The goal is to budget a reasonable yearly facility cost and slow and steady, fix potential problems before they break or leak.  And as long as we’re planning facility related items forward, there are energy grants and rebates to replace outdated equipment at no cost or low cost.

Why on earth would someone replace our school boiler at no cost?

Because local energy providers need to save energy; no new power plants are coming on line anytime soon.  Yet our live, work, play, and educate buildings in our neighborhoods are expanding.  So if your school qualifies, manufacturers will replace boilers at no cost and utilities will install them at no cost – all to the purpose of reducing energy consumption so the neighborhood will have more.  There is yet another added benefit: the school’s utility bills are reduced.

DiGeronimo is your best guide to grants and energy rebates.

So how do you do it?  This magic?

We start with a building condition assessment; an in-depth knowing of what you have.  We record every critical potential building maintenance issue.  Then, we make a compilation all on paper of repairs and costs.

We prioritize:  1) Repairs for life safety and security related topics demand immediate attention.  2) Repairs for health to prevent airborne allergens in the school is next in importance – any moisture entering the building anywhere has to be stopped because moisture breeds mold.  3) Repairs for cost avoidance will be the majority of repairs.

But I’m the Facilities Manager, I manage my schools’ facilities and I don’t need you to do it for me.

What we do is to summarize and report to you for you to direct and guide us.  We report to you what you need to fix in advance of breakdowns and leaks.  You order staff to fix it.  We prepare the work scope to receive bids; you control the bidding and get the lowest prices.  If planned ahead, preventative repairs can be lumped together in efficient task groups that save money.  Contractors can work ‘normal’ work-week, work day hours.  If planned ahead, parts can be rebuilt and will never need to be replaced.

DiGeronimo has the answers.

DiGeronimo Facilities Management is more than resource management; its providing a physical setting that is adequate for effective learning.  Achieving a state of good repair costs money, no question about it.  Nonetheless, it does pay off – in DECREASED repair costs, in DECREASED equipment replacement costs, and in DECREASED utility bills over time.

Having fewer educational interruptions by way of improving facilities requires patience.  A comprehensive proactive program takes resources, energy, and time to initiate.  There is a need for a designated budgeted yearly cost to keep pace with the preventative program, slow and steady.  There is a need to allot time to the program before results are realized.

There is money to be saved in avoiding emergency expenditures.  Clean orderly safe cost-effective and instructionally supportive school facilities enhance education.

Hire DiGeronimo Facilities Management Services for your school buildings.  Contact us at DiGeronimo to learn more.